About Monita

Member of PLASTOR Group, MONITA SRL is independently working since 1999. Our company acknowledged upon the years several stages of development.

Nowadays, our firm's activity covers many segments of market :

  • The production of household articles, Plastor brand, obtained from plastic material through injection and blow-extrusion technologies.
  • The production of traffic signalling, warning and safety systems.
  • The market of harnesses for appliances.
  • MONITA SRL is located in Oradea, on Gutenberg Street no. 16.

    The products realized by MONITA are obtained on injection machines with clamping forces from 60 to 450 tf, and on blow-extrusion machines with blowing capacity from 1 to 200 liters.

    The raw materials processed are :

    • PA6, PA66, PBT with or withou fibre glass
    • PS, ABS, SAN, HIPS
    • Polyolephines (HDPE, LDPE, PP, etc.)

    The plastic components manufactured in the mould-injection workshops are assembled on the assembling lines.